Ultimate Starter Kit™

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Ultimate Starter Kit™

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We've carefully handpicked 100 of our most popular and versatile video editing assets from our extensive collection (excluding Chrome Machine) to create the perfect all-in-one Starter Kit for content creators, filmmakers, and editors. Transform your projects with our high-quality Thermal LUTs, Video Frame Overlays, Retro Glitches, and more – all at an incredible value.

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The Ultimate Video Editing Starter Kit

100 Premium Assets to Elevate Your Videos

Transform your footage with

Hyperscope™ LUTs

Infuse your visuals with mind-bending colours and contrast that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Perfect for any project that demands an eye-catching and artistic visual style. 10 unique LUTs and 10 Photoshop Gradient Maps included!

Take your video projects back to the future with

Curiosity: Sci-Fi Overlays & SFX

  • 15 x SFX
  • 15 x Retro Glitches

Add unique, trippy textures with

Experimental VHS Glitch FX

A stand-out selection of our 10 favourite distortion loops, digital burn transitions, and vivid glitch textures. Used in some of the biggest music videos and live shows in the industry.

Ditch the ordinary with the

Creator Mattes Overlay Pack

A selection of our favourite 10 PNG overlays, 3 animated video frames and 2 transitions for video editors looking for a stylish alternative to letterbox overlays.

Add real grit and grunge with the

Coastal Texture pack

A range of 20 super high-res, weathered and distressed textures, including rocky surfaces, cracks, dirt, sand, and clay, that are perfect for adding depth, grit, and grunge to your designs and artwork.

Add colour & energy with

Digital Euphoria

5 expertly crafted and uniquely-processed, trippy visuals that will transform your creative projects into captivating masterpieces. Perfect for title screens, lyric videos and backgrounds!

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