Creator Mattes – Overlay Pack
Creator Mattes – Overlay Pack

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Creator Mattes – Overlay Pack

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A modern collection of 140 transparent PNG overlays, 15 animated video frames and 5 transitions for video editors looking for a stylish alternative to letterbox overlays. This extensive collection of unique, Renaissance-inspired borders is reminiscent of spectacular, Italian murals with a fresh, quirky and enigmatic twist.

Dramatic, animated video frames

Cinematic overlays for your videos

No more searching for high-quality VFX assets – add instant style with our 15 animated video frames, pre-rendered with realistic glow and smoke effects that will take your projects from 0-100 in seconds. These overlays loop seamlessly too!

Complete the look with

Five stylish bonus transitions

Give your edits an enigmatic edge with these five drag-and-drop 'reveal' transition mattes. Simply bring them into any video editing software and layer on top of your footage. Each 4K MOV file is encoded in ProRes 4444 with alpha channel, so no need to key out any colours, just use straight away in Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve and more!

Choose your asset pack

What's included?

Starter (2K)

  • 75 transparent PNG overlays in 2K (2560x1440)

Pro (4K+)

  • 140 transparent PNG overlays in 5K (5120x2880)
  • 15 transparent animated video loops in 4K @ 25 fps (3840x2160)
  • 5 transparent animated transition overlays in 4K @ 12 fps (3840x2160)


Frames inspired by the renaissance

Styled with flavours of the dramatic period of art and architecture, this collection of unique video frames is a modern take on the enigmatic era of the 16th century.


The Creator Mattes – Overlay Pack is a collection of over 120 PNG window mattes and 20 animated frames (in ProRes 4444) with smoke and glow fx. Our PNG video frames are modern, Renaissance-inspired borders reminiscent of enigmatic, Italian murals. With this pack, you can easily add beautiful video frames to your edits with no blending mode required--simply drag and drop onto your editing timeline!

The overlay pack includes stylish still and animated frames for video in PNG and MOV formats respectively, as well as 5 transparent reveal transitions. You can choose from a variety of shapes, including arches, ellipses, various polygons and an assortment of unconventional patterns and icons to add to your edit projects. The MOV files are encoded in Apple ProRes 4444 with alpha channel (transparency) meaning that you can instantly layer the frames onto your existing footage without the need to change the blending modes.

Very user-friendly! The png frames, animated video frames and transitions are incredibly easy to use, allowing you to quickly and easily create beautiful videos. All you need to do is drag and drop straight onto your editing timeline, no blending mode required. Form new shapes by stacking the still or animated video frames, and or add your own colour by using tint or gradient effects to create your own unique video frame templates.

The main benefit is that you can easily add creative, beautiful video frames to your existing projects without spending countless hours searching for PNG and MOV files.

With this pack, you'll have access to a wide range of custom png video frames and animated video frames that can be quickly added to any editing timeline. Furthermore, the PNG files are transparent meaning you don't need to worry about changing blending modes or spending time creating your own templates.

Finally, this overlay pack will save you a lot of time compared to creating your own PNG frames or searching for free PNGs from the web – we've included everything we believe you will need to add unique frames in this windows overlay pack.

Yes, this overlay pack is suitable for all video editors regardless of experience level. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced editor, the PNG files and animated frames are easy to use and suited to any project. With just a few clicks, you can add creative PNG video frames and animated video frames to any edit quickly and easily.

Yes, the pack includes 5 'reveal' transitions to add an extra layer of style to your projects. All transitions have a transparent alpha channel and are easy to use. With just a few clicks, you can add these effects to any scene in your edit for a truly captivating look.

The video frames in the Creator Mattes – Overlay Pack can be used to create captivating visuals for music videos. These unique window mattes are perfect for adding an experimental and creative touch to your music video edits. The animated frames are also a great way to bring your static footage to life with their pre-applied glow and fog texture.

Alternatively, you can use the reveal transitions to add a special effect or transition from one scene to another in your music video. The possibilities are endless with this creative overlay pack!

Yes, absolutely! The pack offers over 120 PNG frames with Renaissance-inspired frame designs that give a clean, modern look to your project. The frames come in various shapes and sizes, including arches, ellipses and other unusual elements such as spirals, stars and hand-drawn designs.

Make your projects stand out from the crowd and bring your edits to life with the animated frames which include a subtle smoke and glow effect to give a cinematic effect. This overlay pack is a great option for those looking for modern frame designs with a twist!

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