Top 5 Glitch Art Apps for Your iPhone

Top 5 Glitch Art Apps for Your iPhone

There's something about glitch art that just looks cool. Maybe it's the randomness of the glitchy effects, or maybe it's the way it can make even the most mundane video look interesting. Whatever the reason, glitch art is definitely having a moment right now.

If you're looking to add some glitchy goodness to your videos, there are a few apps you can use to do just that. Here are five of the best glitch art apps for your smartphone:

1. Glitch Art Studio

Glitch Art Studio is a glitch art app that has a bit of everything. It lets you glitch your photos, videos, and live camera feed in real-time. You can also record your glitchy creations as GIFs or share them directly to social media. The app has a wide variety of glitch effects to choose from, so you can get pretty creative with it. Does it stand out from the crowd? Not really, but it's a solid glitch art app that gets the job done.

2. Hyperspektiv

Hyperspektiv is an app that allows you to add glitchy effects to your videos in real-time. Just point your camera at whatever you want to glitch and start recording. You can then add a variety of different glitch effects, like colour distortions, jitter, pixelation, and more.

3. Glitché

Glitché is probably one of our favourites in this list, and it’s also had huge celebrity endorsement, with Kim Kardashian West using it to create some of her glitchy Instagram stories. The app has a bunch of different glitch effects that you can add to your videos or photos, including RGB split, datamoshing, and VHS glitch.

4. Glitch Wizard

Glitch Wizard is another app that lets you glitch your videos in real-time. It has a similar interface to Hyperspektiv, but with a few more glitch effects to choose from. You can also save your glitchy creations as GIFs, which is pretty neat.

5. Luminancer

Luminancer is an app that allows you to glitch your photos and videos in a variety of different ways. As far as glitch apps go, the UI for this one isn't awful but it's certainly no game-changer. The app has a decent selection of glitch effects, and it's easy enough to use. Advertising itself as 'a video synthesizer for illuminated videos and live light painting' and aiming at a niche audience of 'light and fire performers', it's not going to be for everyone but it's still a cool app nonetheless.

Which is our favourite?

All of these apps are pretty great, but our personal favourite is Glitché. It has a really user-friendly interface and a wide variety of glitch effects to choose from. Plus, the fact that it's been used and endorsed by some of the world's biggest names is quite applaudable. Aside from Kim K, the artwork for Travis Scott's studio album 'Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight', created by Nick Knight, was also made using Glitché. So there's no doubt that this app is capable of creating some truly amazing glitch art. Our advice, try them all out! And if you find one that you like, stick with it. Experiment and have fun!


Album artwork for Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight by Travis Scott
Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight by Travis Scott (Source: Genius)


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