Screen Snacks: Week #1

Screen Snacks: Week #1

Welcome to the world of Screen Snacks, a weekly selection of bite-sized media recommendations designed to inspire beginner and hobbyist video creators. In this blog post, we'll introduce you to our latest collection of resources, including films, books, podcasts, and more. These quick and easy-to-digest content pieces aim to help you develop your craft and feed your creativity. Let's dive into this week's Screen Snacks!


01. Music Video: "Worms" by Ashnikko (2023)

Venture into a dystopian dreamscape with Ashnikko's visually captivating music video for "Worms." Directed by Raman Djafari, this Mad Max-inspired piece confronts themes of climate crisis and technological advancement. The music video showcases Ashnikko's transformation into a cybernetic warrior, reflecting the vivid testament to imaginative world-building in visual storytelling. Immerse yourself in this stunning visual experience and take inspiration from the creative collaboration between Ashnikko and Djafari.


02. Book: "Steal Like An Artist" by Austin Kleon

In his book, "Steal Like An Artist," author Austin Kleon offers guidance for writers, artists, entrepreneurs, designers, photographers, musicians, and anyone looking to unleash their creative potential. Through illustrative anecdotes and practical exercises, Kleon explores the concept of borrowing inspiration from the work of others to create something uniquely your own. This approach to creativity encourages aspiring filmmakers to think differently and push the boundaries of their own artistic visions.


03. Visual Art Piece: "Down Here"

"Down Here" is an evocative visual piece, a collaboration between composer Claudio Olachea and director Omer Ben Shachar. Delve into a surreal world where conformity is the norm and witness a nightmarish society where everyone dons identical masks. The piece follows a young man's struggle as his mask begins to peel off, prompting him to question the true value of concealing his identity. "Down Here" serves as a reminder of the power of visual storytelling and the importance of expressing one's authentic self.



04. Video: "How Steven Spielberg Almost Destroyed His Career" by Film Riot & Dodford

The first episode of "Hollywood History" by Film Riot explores how Steven Spielberg went from a bullied kid in Cincinnati, Ohio to a living legend and the most iconic filmmaker of all time through his early films and the making of Jaws. This video series delves into Spielberg's journey and offers valuable insights into how perseverance, passion, and learning from one's mistakes can ultimately lead to success in the world of filmmaking.


06. Quote: Ava DuVernay on Filmmaking

The only way to learn how to make a film is to make films. Find a story you're passionate about, and tell it the best way you can.

- Ava DuVernay, Award-Winning Filmmaker and Producer

Ava DuVernay's powerful quote serves as a reminder that hands-on experience is essential in honing your filmmaking craft. Embrace your passion and let it guide you through the process of creating memorable, impactful films.


That's a Wrap!

That's a wrap on this week's Screen Snacks! We hope these handpicked gems from the world of filmmaking have ignited your creativity and inspired you to continue developing your video-making skills. Remember to stay tuned for more weekly recommendations, and don't hesitate to share your thoughts, experiences, and suggestions with us. Happy creating!


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